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News Update [11]

by Administrator on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Dear players, a new update applied to the game to do the following:

Gem cap increased to 6.

Free Lunch Lv86-100 quest added.

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Reforge Scroll added to Award Center, will be added to Game Shop and Web Shop.

Let's introduce our first Dungeon:
Hades - Dark Haven [357,731]

1-Maximum party members [3].
2-There can't be [2] members inside party of same class.
3-There're [2] difficulties for this dungeons; Lv45 to Lv55 [Intermediate] - Lv80 to Lv90 [Hardcore]
4-Players aren't allowed to get in with alts.
5-Players aren't allowed to get in more than [4] times a week.
6-Dungeon collapse in 60 minutes after it starts.

Mobs of the waves inside the dungeon drop list:
-Symbol of Hades.
-Potion Essence.
-250k dollar note.

-Killing the Hades boss gives a special reward depends on the wave boss and difficulty.

Symbol of Hades can be exchanged for:
-Fragment of Death.
-Nightmare Demonic Wine.
-Chipped Gem Purse.
-Universal Gem Purse.
-Great Fairy Ration.
-Potion Essence.
-Hades Jewels Chest.
-Redemption - Gift.

Redemption Online - Legend Return Team

Game Information

  • Level Cap 90
  • Pet Cap 41
  • Gem Cap 5

Game Rates

  • Solo Rate 2
  • Party Rate 6
  • Drop Rate 2
  • Pet Rate 10

Game Status

  • Total accounts 856
  • Total characters 1134
  • Online

Our Staff

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Top 3 Purchased Items

  •   Great Snow Dragon Fruit Bought: 47
  •   Mordo Bought: 24
  •   Great Shaitan Biscuit Bought: 22