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  1. I cannot download
  2. I cannot run launcher
  3. I cannot run client
  4. What is Hexathlon
  5. When is next Hexathlon
  6. What are game rates
  7. When is there EXP/DROP events
  8. Why is server down
  9. Why I cannot connect server
  10. "Cannot find any server"
  11. How do I get unique gems
  12. Where are unique gems in Item Mall
  13. Where is mordo fairies
  14. Why isn't mordo fairies available
  15. I would like to be GM
  16. I would like to volunteer
  17. Why is leveling so difficult
  18. Can you help me level up
  19. Can you give me free things
  20. Can you ban my friend
  21. How do I play on mac